Born for War

New Zealand's Military History - A Family Perspective

YOU can make this happen!

Contribute toward the research, writing and publication of this series of five (5) unique historical novels (and accompanying documentaries).

The author has committed toward visiting EVERY character of which he writes, no matter where they may be; paying his personal respects to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Further to this, he has committed to travelling to EVERY battle site of which he writes; so that the research undertaken is both extensive, and ensures that the soldiers and their memories are properly respected.

Your can choose to support either:

i) An 'on-site' research trip to Egypt (Helwan, Ma'adi, El Alamein, Ismailia and Port Tewfik), and Turkey (Galipolli) , or

ii) An 'on-site' research trip to Greece (Piraeous, Katerini, Thermopylae Line, Lamia, and Porto Rafti), and Crete (Maleme, Souda Bay, Galatas and Chania), or

ii) The filming of a documentary based upon famed Maori Rangatira (Chief) Hongi Hika's journey from the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, to London and Cambridge in England in 1819-1820.

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  1. Hongi's Hikoi - Rangatira in Ranana (London)